Welcome to the AEA Standing Rules

In an effort to make it easier for our members to view the standing rules on their tablets as well as on their PC, we have gone to a new viewing format. The format is much the same as you have when you are viewing books on your tablet devices. The viewing instructions are listed below:

AEA Contract Viewing Instructions

Table Of Contents

On the left side of the page is the table of contents. Clicking on a table of contents item will display that page.

Browse The Contract

Move your mouse to the edge of a page…Click, Hold and Drag.

Top Page Controls

At the top of the page on the left you will see a representation of the current page you are viewing: (Note: there are only 12 pages of standing rules).

The table of contents has a page number associated with each article. By entering the page number in the white area of the box and hitting enter on your keyboard, that page will be displayed.

At the top of the page on the right, you will also see a search area: . When you click in the white area of the box, the search box will expand across the top of the page. Simply enter a keyword, like election or phrase like stipend requirements, and hit enter on your keyboard. A list of all articles that contain that word or phrase will be displayed in place of the table of contents. Clicking on any of the articles listed will take you to that page and the keyword or phrase will be highlighted in yellow. To return to the original table of contents, simply click on the table of contents icon at the bottom of the page.

To Enlarge The Page

Move your mouse over the page you want to enlarge and then Double Click.

A ‘Zoom’ bar will appear at the bottom of the page which allows you to adjust the viewing size.

When enlarged, you can scroll the page with your mouse wheel or Click, Hold and Drag your mouse up and down to scroll the page.

Double Click on the page to return it to the original size.

Bottom Page Controls

At the bottom of the page you will see icons as shown here below. Clicking on the Table of contents will display or hide the table of contents. Clicking on the Print icon allows you to print the document or selected pages. Clicking on the Full Screen icon shows the document in full screen. Pressing the ‘Esc’ key returns it to normal view.  Clicking on the Download icon allows you to download the complete contract or selected pages. Clicking on the Enlarge icon enlarges the page as mentioned previously.

Click Here To View The Standing Rules