By: Leigh Hawkinson, AEA President

As we approach the holiday season, I can’t help but think about what lies ahead in the New Year. Since the beginning of the school year, we have been working hard to finish contract language in bargaining, helping the District resolve their “budget crisis” and keeping an eye on the shenanigans of District management . The Bargaining Teams meet on 12/3 & 4 and it is our hope that the   District will rescind the cuts they proposed in May. If they do so, we should be able to finalize the new contract and present it to you for ratification.

Of greater concern is the “budget crisis.” On 11/7, we presented our information to the Board about the budget and the discrepancies in the District’s numbers. As a result, RCOE has reached out and asked to meet with us on 12/10.  My hope is that they see the errors, resolve them and the “crisis” is over. If this happens, we should be able to restore some services and positions that directly affect you everyday.

I am increasingly concerned about our Superintendent. On my site visits I ask members if they can name one positive thing he has done for the District, students or employees.  I have yet to hear an answer.  Because of this and many other things, we are conducting a Vote of No Confidence against the Superintendent.  See your site rep to cast your vote. We will then present the results to the Board on 12/12. We need to let the Board know that we are not happy with his “right-sizing” which has resulted in larger class sizes, more combo classes, lack of supplies and textbooks, dirtier schools, etc..  Enough is Enough!

We are taking charge of protecting our students, as it seems no one else is doing so. We will not sit by quietly and let lies and fake budgets be presented at the expense of our kids and employees. Please cast your Vote of No Confidence and let’s send a message to the School Board that we stand for our students and each other!