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Alvord Educators Association
Standing Rules for Bargaining Team Selection
It is the intent of the Alvord Educators Association to represent its bargaining unit members in
good faith through its collective bargaining relationship with the Alvord Unified School District.
These standing rules have been established to promote realization of this goal.
The Bargaining Team shall consist of five (5) members of the Alvord Educators
Association/CTA/NEA. The Bargaining Team shall include one (1) representative
from the elementary level, one (1) from the intermediate level, one (1) from the high
school level, one (1) from Auxiliary Services, and one (1) member at-large. The
members of the Bargaining Team shall represent to the best of their ability all
members of the Association.
The Executive Director of AEA or other persons employed by AEA/CTA/NEA may be
designated as ex officio members of the Bargaining Team, in addition to the five (5)
Members of the Bargaining Team shall be AEA/CTA/NEA members on permanent
status and in good standing as defined by Article IV of the AEA Bylaws.
All AEA members shall have the opportunity to apply for appointment to the
Bargaining Team. A reasonable period of time (not less than ten working days) shall
be allotted for issuance and return of application forms. Procedures shall be
developed to ensure that members on YRS calendar have an equal opportunity to
submit an application.
Application form questions shall include Association leadership, experience, training,
and those strengths the applicant believes he/she would bring to the Bargaining
Faculty Reps, Executive Board and Officers may nominate persons to be considered
for appointment to the Bargaining Team. Any member so nominated shall be given an
application form and asked to complete it if interested in appointment to the
Bargaining Team.
The President shall receive and review all application forms with the members of the
Executive Board.
With the recommendation of the Executive Board, the President shall present the
Bargaining Team nomination to the Rep Council for its approval at a regularly
scheduled meeting. Rationale for the nomination shall be presented by the President
and Executive Board in the form of a written report.
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